Girl Actually Gives BJ To Blow Up Sex Doll

Yes, a girl actually gave a blowjob to a blow up sex doll (male)...and that girl was none other than Miley Cyrus.  I have seen blow up sex dolls before, of course...I just had never considered the possibility of blowing one before. I mean, it's not like he's gonna reciprocate.   Hell, if you're into BJs it is probably for the reaction and Mr. Inflatable will definitely appear surprised that he's getting a hummer.

Now the more realistic, real dolls with silicone penis sleeves built in, I can sort of understand.  Many a 16 year old male would literally fuck a snake so a 'practice doll' seems to make sense if you can't get something in the genuine warm and human department.

But here is a series of photos taken of Ms. Cyrus at a concert in Madrid...blowing a male sex doll for your pleasure.   Oh, and there is a special bonus at the end.


This last photo is an interesting is almost certainly a Photoshopped fake but I found it on an Muslim site that was raging at the immoral West and how "infidel whores like Miley Cyrus are Satan's tools to corrupt the minds of Americans" -- yet posting fake and misleading photos to prove your point about corrupting people's minds is kinda bass-ackwards.  Still, it is a good photoshop of Miley Cyrus in concert flashing her bare and hairless pussy.