Color Changing STD Detecting Protection

There are condoms that can change color when they come in contact with sexually transmitted diseases (and infections) to warn you of the risk.  I did a post here on the color changing condoms.  But as I thought about it, I would prefer to know about the risk way before my cock is balls deep in trouble.  So after thinking about it, I came up with the perfect solution: Color changing dental dams!

For those of you not familliar with dental dams, they are a thin square of latex that can be used to prevent the spread of STIs during oral sex. They are frequently flavored and readily available in drugstores or you can make a DIY version out of a latex glove or condom.  Why is called a dam??

I, like most people on the planet, don't often use dental dams to protect me from the hazards of oral sex. Why? Because dental dams are so not intimate and it's like licking a rubber sheets instead of eating pussy.  So what would get me to use a dental dam?  Give me one that changes color when it comes in contact with any STI.  Seriously, coat that sucker with antigens that react with the any virus or bacteria that I would want to know about before I dive in there and get infected.  If armed with such protection, you can bet I would use the dental dam with any new partner.  And if it changes color, I can bail. ;) Haha, actually, I can inform her and get her proper treatment -- which is SOOO much better than getting infected and then having that same discussion.

dental_dam-picnic-blanket-over-foodA clear dental dam that changes color and alerts you that there is a serious risk of STIs would change the use of dental dams from barely used to frequently used and it could have a massive effect in preventing new infections -- this would be especially important at colleges and universities.  Of course, these is the risk of relying on the device to correctly detect the STI and change color. If it stayed clear and colorless, you might be tempted to toss it aside and dive in to taste delicious pussy! Yes, that is a risk...but consider that diving in and eating is the current standard and so it is way better to have some form of protection and detection ability than absolutely none whatsoever.   

My point is, I am absolutely not a fan of dental dams. I have used them exactly twice and they are awful.  But a dental dam that could detect STIs with a new partner? Fuck yeah, I'd be all over buying and using those!  A color changing dental dam that reacts to STIs by changing color could greatly increase compliance with this protective measure during oral sex with a new partner.