What Breast Size Preference Says About You

Sure, everybody loves breasts -- with the rare exception of the recently out gay guy who is trying so hard to be gay that he's pretending that he is grossed out by them.  But if completely straight girls like to look at boobies...I highly doubt anyone finds them that gross.  But what does your preference for breast size reveal about you?

First off, this is based most on a variety of scientific 'research' into this subject and is not simply conjecture.  Secondly, I don't really put a lot of faith into these studies because the conclusions and research methods to discover such rudimentary things as, 'men tend to like larger than average breasts' give me little faith they could successfully locate the clitoris never mind achieve more difficult tasks.

Oh, and full disclosure to prove my point -- every photo here is from a google search for 'sexiest tits ever' from the top search results.  The size range is pretty epic.

Before I begin, I have to say, the world of breast preference seems to be highly divided -- with strong preferences being stated for enormous boobs, big ol' titties, and the opposite side of the spectrum of preferring a small perky A cup to very tiny boobs.  So the middle sized boobs...meh.  You'd think people would be all over mid-sized boobs but...no. You tend to go big or small in your preferences. 

#1 --  Hungry men prefer big breasts.
Yeah, boobies are a great source of food when you were younger and that stays deep in the


#2 -- Sexist men prefer big tits. 
Yup, I think I even did a blog post on this study when it came out.  'Nuff said.

#3 -- Very successful men with a lot of resources like smaller boobies
That's right! If the guy has a lot of wealth and resources, he's not so focused on making sure his girl comes with enough fat storage to get her through the winter. A 2008 study in the Journal of Socio-Economics found a link too: financial security correlates with small boob preference.

"Please let him be smart enough"
#4 -- High intelligence is correlated with smaller boob preference. 
This is an interesting one.  A 2013 study found that the smarter the guy, the smaller he liked his boobies. This is a very broad generalization and of course smart guys like big tits too.

#5 -- Lesbians prefer big boobs too
Lesbians are a big fan of big milk jugs.

#6 -- But Bi girls prefer small boobs
Yeah, girls that like both guys and girls are much more likely to appreciate girls with tiny tits.  Some guesses are that girls like guys chests without big tits (manboobs) and some of this transfers to female boob choices.

#7 - Small boobs usually means you became sexually active at a young age
Sexual preferences and imprinting on your brain are highly influenced by your first experiences. So if the first boobs you saw were teeny-tiny because you were young too...well, that preference stays with you.

#8 - Most high school guys prefer huge tits. 
Yup, breasts are 'new' to high school aged boys -- so they all are pretty much fascinated with big boobs. So your real preferences won't surface (or stabilize) until your early 20s).  Young teen boys are the most fascinated with epic sized boobs.

#9 - Men who want a submissive partner prefer smaller breasts
Perhaps this is why I love small boobs? Give me a submissive girl to adore and play with!! And make sure she has tiny tits!

#10 -Men who don't want children prefer tiny boobs
Yeah, if making babies isn't a priority, having huge, useless milk sacks kind of loses its appeal. Conversely, men wanting and ready to have kids show a strong preference for big tits.